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For over 25 years now TLC FM 100.3 has broadcast from inside the walls of the iconic, little, white, lighthouse that sits upon Pilot Hill in the picturesque seaside village of Yamba which is situated on the Northern beaches of NSW. With a little help from its dedicated volunteers TLC FM 100.3 broadcasts 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Tune into TLC FM 100.3 locally or globally!

You can tune in via your digital or analogue radio at 100.3 FM throughout The Lower Clarence OR globally via Live stream using this link:

Each week a team of dedicated community based volunteers bring you wide variety of News, Weather and Community Updates, ARTS, Interviews and of course a wide eclectic mix of great music.

Our Presenters here at TLC FM 100.3 reflect upon a wide cross section of the community in which we live. From Classic Rock to Heavy Metal and everything in between our programming includes, Narravtive, Folk, Blues, Broadway, Gypsy, Hip Hop, Classical, House, Disco, Country, Jazz, Funk and Punk, what ever your style we have got you covered here at TLC 100.3 FM.

At TLC FM 100.3 we support Australian Artists. We love to have locally based and touring guest Artists live on air in our studios.

Broadcast Schedule

Please note that this schedule is subject to change and alteration at ANY time!

March 2014

TLC 100.3 FM Broadcast Schedule

Meet The Team Behind The Mic

Each week a team of dedicated community based volunteers bring you wide variety of News, Weather and Emergency Updates, Community Announcements, Local Gig Guides, Sports Results, ARTS, Interviews, Documentaries, Quiz Shows, Senior, Health & Disability Access and Resources and of course a wide eclectic mix of great music.

The team here at TLC 100.3 FM are proud to include Disability and Youth access together with LGBTQI and Indigenous Programming within our Broadcast Schedule. At TLC FM 100.3 we support Australian Artists. We love to have locally based and touring guest Artists live on air in our studios.


The Dr. Ed Breakfast Show

profile image

Presenter/s Name/s: DR EDWARD BURN &MY DOG WILLIE.


Time and Day: Wednesday 7.00AM--10AM


Contact Email:

Favourite Saying: LOVE YOU

Favourite Song/ Band: ABBA & SEEKERS


Rollin' Tumblin'

profile image

Show Title: Rollin' Tumblin'

Presenter Name: Dave

Time and Day: Monday 9pm - 11pm

Show Description: A mix of all styles of blues music, with a heavy dose of Juke Joint boogie. Thrown into the mix is plenty of surf instrumentals and anything with lots of guitar swagger.

Contact Email:

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Favourite Saying: Life is not all beer and skittles

Favourite Song/ Band: RL Burnside & Junior Kimbrough


Blast From The Past

profile image

Presenter Name: Anne-Marie

Show Title: Blast From The Past

Show Day and Time: Wednesday 2-4pm

Description: My favourite songs including requests from friends and relatives!

Favourite quote?: "Houston, we have a problem."- Apollo 13

Favourite Band or Song?: Cold Chisel-No Sense


Young At Heart

profile image

Presenter Name: Marie

Show Title: Young At Heart

Show Day and Time: Monday 4:30-7:00pm

Description: Information for Seniors & those housebound through sickness or disability. Pensions, Health, Resources, Humour, A short story ; Music that we Seniors tend to like.

Contact Details: Find me via my facebook page. Show Contact Details via the station 02 66461100 or Email:-

Favourite quote?: Live in the present. Enjoy the present. It is a gift.


Goodship Venus

profile image

Presenter Name: Captain Trace, Captain Tan, Captain Vik

Show Title: Goodship Venus

Show Day and Time: Wednesday 7-Late (or till we dock)

Description: An eclectic mix of music to get you through hump day brought to you by a murder of broads as they set sail in the stormy weather...... crack your rum and get ready for the captains to take you on a journey across the seven seas.

Show Contact Details: Find us on facebook

Favourite quote?: "You have to be tuff for old age"- Bette Davis.

Favourite Band or Song?: They change with every era!


Loco Local

profile image

Presenter Name: Loco Local

Show Title: Manic Mornings With Loco

Show Day and Time: Breakfast 7-9am Thursday and Friday

Description: Manic Mornings is filled with great new tunes to get you in the mood and plenty of Quiz's to get your brain into gear. Every week our very own Loco Local loves to give away prizes to all of our Subscribers.

Show Contact Details:

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profile image

Presenter Name: Luke and guests (because Harry and Josh are moving away)

Show Title: Wahbeats

Show Day and Time: 5-7 Fridays

Description: Wahbeats is a show that is out of the ordinary. Wahbeats has a wide range of music from your local indie bands to some very old classics. We have some very strange topics and some even stranger guests, so be sure to listen in every Friday arvo on TLC fm 100.3

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Contact Details: 0468933350


Cross Eyed and Painless

profile image

Presenter: Spotter and Angus

Show Title: Cross Eyed and Painless

Show Day and Time: Thursdays 6pm-8pm

Description:An alternate take on local and international events and chart topping hits with up to the minute traffic updates and forecasts!The last bus to sanity!


Queer Mix

profile image

Presenter Name: Catriona Matheson

Show Title: Queer Mix

Show Day and Time: Saturday 2pm-5pm

Description: Introducing many Aussie Indie Artists, particularly folk and pop, including the diversity of the Indie scene.A time to be encouraged to be ourselves, helped to understand the LGBTIQ community, and hear LGBTIQ news and views.

Contact Details: via the station 02 66461100,

Webpage or Facebook link:


Fresh New Tunes

profile image

Presenter Name: Bec

Show Title: Fresh New Tunes

Show Day and Time: Tune in every Friday between 12 and 2pm

Description: The aim of this show is to deliver you the freshest new tunes, pop culture news and interviews with as many interesting artists as Bec can possibly round up. Predominately this shows content is Australian however we do occasionally take a sneak peek at what and who is hot Globally.

Follow Us On Facebook Listen To My Sound Cloud

Contact Details: Like my facebook page to keep yourself updated everything Fresh New Tunes and to hear podcast featuring interviews with a variety of artists.

Bec, TLC FMs resident Evil Lady and all around Bossy Boots, favourite quote?: "Know what? Bitches get stuff done."- Tina Fey


Presenter Name: Mr. Greg

profile image

Stone Lovers Relish


Presenter Name: Mr. Greg

Show Time and Day: Noon to 4pm Sundays

Description: Mr. Greg, normally broadcasts wearing: Lycra Jodhpurs (Lime-Green) ..and a lovely cardboard Neck-Frill (recycled).... ready and rearing to go for 4 hours of Music a ....a..... a Roq-oco style ?


A Committee of annoying people from THE GOLDEN TONSILS FAN CLUB always seem to make a presence felt... anyhow ...

We cover a variety of musical modes from: Experimental to Jazz;New Wave to Blues; Soundtracks to Rock;Big-Band to Modern. All sorts of other things thrown in, including some Comedy and maybe a story or two.

"Pronouns Galore"

Tuesday: 7pm to 8pm

Host: Mr. Greg

Content: - This and That, These and Those.

Plus Weather and Tidal Informatzzione


Fridays 7pm to 8pm

Host: Mr. Greg

Content: - Re-runs from the Radio Play called: THE GOLDEN STILETTO.

Plus Weather and Tidal Informatzzione

NOTE: When no re-runs of the play are aired, then it's more of "Pronouns Galore".

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Contact Details: You can contact my personal assistant Fulcrum via my Facebook page.


Sea Change

profile image

Presenter Name: Phil

Show Name: Sea Change

Show Time and Day: Fridays 8pm to 10pm

Description: Sea Change is about moving from central London to the Clarence Valley. It's about exploring the diversity of musical inspiration by visiting as many genres of music as possible in two hours. It's about sharing a love for old classics, giving airplay to music beyond the mainstream, discovering overlooked beauties and constantly hunting down new music for your listening pleasure.

Phil's favourite quote?: "Everything in moderation, including moderation." Oscar Wilde

Phil's fabvourite band?: 'Joe Jackson was my first true musical love but these days it changes every week so tune in to find out'


Craptastic Plastic

profile image

Show Time and Day: every second sat 7-9pm

Show Description: eclectic mix up

Stew's Favouirte Quote: "I was in the pool!"- George Costanza

Stew's Favourite Band: "band....too many to mention, song: happy birthday to you"



profile image

Presenter Name: Will Webbber

Show Name: Doppelfaust

Time and Day: Thursday 8-11pm

Show Description: Get your weekly fix of Punk , Metal , Thrash and Hardcore music here with Will Webber . More often than not joined by Scott Mac (Toe To Toe)and his Street Attack at 9 for his updates of the scene and his 9 @ 9 .

Contact Email:

Follow Us On Facebook

Favourite Saying: 'Too weird to live , too rare to die' Hunter S Thompson

Favourite Song/ Band: MINDCRACK


What's Happening?

profile image

Presenter Name: Gary Brisbane

Show Title: What's Happening?

Show Day and Time: Saturday 8am to 10am

Description: New mostly Australian music, sourced from AMRAP & artist websites. Music & gig reviews, local, North Coast & National gig guide.

Favourite band at the moment: Saskwatch

Favourite quote: "Let love live"


KJs Country

profile image

Presenter Name: Kellie Jones

Show Title: KJ's Country

Show Day and Time: Wednesday 12-2pm and Thursday 9-10am

Description: My favourite country songs featuring interviews with a few of my friends!


The Healing Hour

profile image

Presenter Name: Di Ellis

Show Title: The healing Hour

Show Day and Time: Tuesday 8-10am

Description: Given the chance, our bodies have an amazing self healing ability. ‘The Healing Hour’ will have several guest speakers covering a wide range of natural therapies. Discover how food is one of the most simple and powerful medicines you can use each day, as is your own breath. Each breath we take has the capacity to induce peace automatically. Your host Dianne Ellis will be sharing numerous simple and natural treatments and techniques, many of which have helped her to overcome a lifetime of chronic ill-health and deep emotional trauma. Unlock your healing potential, reclaim your health, love and inner joy! And of course, enjoy lots of great music focusing on local and world music, and everything in between!

Show contact details:


Facebook: Dianne Ellis Author

Favourite quote: The serenity prayer. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

Favourite band or song: Too hard to say



Tanias' Got Issues

profile image

Presenter Name: Tania Williams Guest starring the other Tania (Tania Creber)

Show Title: Tanias' Got Issues

Show Day and Time: *Currently the ladies are on a sabbatical!

Description: Probing todays social issues with a serious lack of depth and limited understanding, but definitely with fun and irresponsibility! Join Tania, as she and regular guest presenter, the other Tania, consider issues from sexuality to mental health and how these are around us in media and popular culture. Add in some music with very loose ties to the issues and you've got Tanias' Got Issues.

Follow Us On Facebook

Contact Details: Like our facebook page to keep yourself updates all things Tanias' Got Issues


The Arm Chair Sessions

profile image

Presenter Name: Wayne Hall

Show Time and Day: *Please note that Wayne has now relocated. We will let you know his new station and show details ASAP! *

Show Description: Pub Rock! Album tracks, 80s Aussie Rock.

Contact Wayne via Facebook:

Follow Us On Facebook

Wayne's Favourite Quote: ""

Wayne's Favourite Band: "Too Many to say! Favorite Year in music would have to be 1986, Favourite Producer Mark Opitz who is famous for The Devinyls, The Hoodoo guros, Australian Crawl and Cold Chisel"


North Coast Live

profile image

Presenter Name: Erica Fletcher

Show Title: North Coast Live

Show Day and Time:*Please note that Erica is currently on leave*

Description: Music and info about bands and other entertainment visiting the Clarence Valley, the North Coast and beyond.

Show Contact Details:

Contact Details: and ph. 0413 137 736

Favourite quote?: "It's never too late".

Favourite Band or Song?: Revisiting the early 90's at the moment so it has to be 'I'm Free' by The Soup Dragons


Loco Local

profile image

Presenter Name: Loco Local

Show Title: Up Late With The Loco Local

Show Day and Time: *Please note that currently Up Late With Loco Local is off air. We will let you know as soon as he is back on the air waves in the PM

Description: Put Nana to bed and tune in 4 the finest tracks from around the globe and around the corner. Join LOCO in the Chapel of Filth - Thursday & Sunday from 11pm.After hours in Yamba are about to heat up with the introduction of LOCO LOCAL, a new radio show thrusting onto Thursday Nights. A mixed up chaotic collaboration of music and news to inform, shock and provoke. Fresh tracks and ripe classics are the house specials. Segments include Late Night Confessions, where talking back is mandatory, The Grindr Chronicles and loads of filth to keep you going long after this sleepy little town has closed for the night. Warning - You will never be the same again.


Rob Becker

profile image

Presenter Name: Rob Becker

Show Title: Tech Talk

Show Day and Time: Currently Rob is on leave. We will let you know when he is back on air!

Description: Mid-week oblique geek-chic. A bit of tech, a bit of talk, a bit of tunes.


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